Glo Health Offer

The White House, teeth whitening specialists are delighted to bring you an offer in conjunction with health insurer, GloHealth.


glo health

Details of the offer

62% off 1 hour in-clinic teeth whitening treatment normally €195

49% point of sale discount & 13% claim back from GloHealth. Total discount 62% off retail price.

The White House is offering a 62% discount to Glo health customers which works out at only €100 payable to the white house then GloHealth will reimburse a further 13% which is €25 so it works out at a total of €75

To avail of this offer book in below using our live on-line booking system.


Terms and Conditions:

Bookings for the GloHealth offer must be made online using our live online booking system below.

Offer cannot be used in combination with any other offer.

Offer is available to current Glo Health customers only.