5 things that make us smile in summer

With longer days during the summer, there’s a lot more you can squeeze into your day. There really are so many great things about this time of the year! Too many to mention but here are 5 things about the summer that bring a smile to our face More »

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

A perfect smile is a wish for many people. Your smile is one of the first things people would notice about you and it distinguishes your character. Therefore, this is why a healthy smile is so important. With technology and science enhancements, it is now possible to rectify natural flaws. There are More »

Ten things we can do to make us smile

We’ve written before about the benefits of smiling and why people get their teeth whitened. Both these posts have one thing in common – making people smile! When we smile we’re in better form and we feel better about ourselves. Smiling also gives us an opportunity to show off our pearly white More »

We’re open in Edinburgh

When we opened our first clinic in Swords in Dublin back in 2008 we always had high hopes for The White House Teeth Whitening Specialists – we always felt we could one day open a clinic outside of Ireland Ireland. Tomorrow, after opening up in Cork, Galway, Belfast and a second More »

What food and drink can you consume after a treatment?

Of all the questions we’re asked after treatments on our customers, ‘What food and drink can I have?’ is the one that we’re asked more frequently than any others. That tells us one thing – we need to have a a go-to page that lists all the food and drink you can consume More »

We’ve moved to a new clinic in Dundrum!

Our teeth whitening clinic has been open in Dundrum now for many years, but recently we moved to a new premises in the centre of the ‘village’. Our newest clinic can be found at 14 Pembroke Cottages, Main Street, Dundrum. Opening hours are: Sun & Mon: Closed Tues, Wed, Fri & Sa More »

Five ways to keep your teeth healthy that doesn’t include brushing

We all know that brushing your teeth every morning and every night is a good way to keep your teeth healthy. We also know that going to the dentist regularly will keep your teeth healthy too. But what else can you do? There are lots of other ways to keep your teeth healthy that don’t […] More »

The Benefits of Smiling

  When we smile it means we are happy, likewise when we see someone else smile we know they are happy. It’s even better when it’s you that made the other person smile. But did you know that smiling can actually be good for you and has several benefits? In an uplifting talk Ron Gutman, [&hel More »

Five tips for choosing a toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush, most people give little consideration to the type of toothbrush that will be most effective for them. Some people may be loyal to a particular brand while others will be price sensitive. There a number of factors that you should consider when replacing your old toothbrush More »

7 ways to feel good about yourself

We’ve written before about why people get their teeth whitened. One of them is that it’s one of many ways to feel good about yourself. If somebody smiles when they’re not happy with their teeth, it’s going to make them self-conscious. If, on the other hand, they love their teeth, they’ More »


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