Product Comparison

With a number of products available on the market today it is difficult to know which one might be right for your teeth as all claim to provide remarkable results and a far superior white smile.

At the White House we have become Ireland’s laser teeth whitening specialist by carefully putting into operation and researching all treatments within our industry, and thus are confident to recommend the Beyond Polus to all clients who are considering teeth whitening and therefore treatment.

The Beyond Polus at the White House Contains LightBridge technology, the system produces zero UV light and  provides Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), yet still effectively is The most powerful halogen light output available.

The Beyond Polus is clinically proven to provide superior results to LED and plasma arc systems so beware cheap imitations and clinics that are offering deals and prices on laser teeth whitening that are too good to be true… because they usually are.

Unlike other clinics, at the White House we tailor each individual treatment to the match the client’s teeth. No Laser treatment is the same and at the White House our technicians provide complete care, consultation and after treatment follow up to make sure you are happy with your new white smile. In addition because we use cool blue fibre optic light technology our treatment results in a far greater chance of avoiding any sensitivity unlike LED alternative treatments on the market that use heat lamps that could essentially dehydrate the pulp of the tooth and lead to enhanced sensitivity and discomfort.

At the White House we are so confident we have the best technology for you on the market we offer a full money back guarantee. Perhaps the best thing about at treatment is its simplicity. All it takes is an hour of your time and the treatment is all done in-office. Which means you don’t have to fiddle around yourself with take home trays or strips which can cause irritation and discomfort, nor have to worry about continual maintenance and self treatment.

At the White House we take all the worry and hassle out of teeth whitening by offering the best and clinically most advanced treatment on the market worldwide at an affordable price tailor made for you.


The White House would like to confirm that all treatments carried out by our dental professionals in our nationwide clinics adhere to EU Directive regarding gel strengths in our whitening products and only perform treatments within the EU and Irish guidelines. You can view the directive here.

If  you require more information or are unclear about our treatments and various gel strengths do not hesitate to contact our call centre on 01-8904613

The White House Teeth Whitening Gels:

  • Our Dental professionals use specially formula teeth whitening gels which are EU compliant as per EU and Irish directive for cosmetic teeth whitening.
  • The White House whitening gel is accelerated by the use of a combination of an LED and halogen cold filtered blue light system in three 10-15 minute sessions.
  • This whitening gel is the safest professional teeth whitening system on the market today and used by dentists and cosmeticians through Europe.
  • Ingredients are blended to a safe strength that still provides quality results with no peroxide, chlorine dioxide or bleaching agents, this product will not cause any unwanted sensitivity, or damage the gums.
  • The White House, teeth whitening gels have been tried and tested around the world with exceptional results.
  • The White House has found this to be a superior product without the health risks associated with hydrogen peroxide-based gels, which is a safer option for our consumers, therefore, we opted to complete all teeth whitening treatments using this gel over all other whitening gels tested.
  • Although there is no knows side effects we can not perform treatments while pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18.

Dental Qualifications

At the White House, all our treatments are performed by fully qualified dental professionals, which is imperative to completing healthy and safe treatments in a clinical and sterilised environment.
All of our treatments are also carried out by fully qualified dental professionals who have gone through years of university training in the dental field as well as many years of practical industry experience.
Performing our tooth whitening procedures not only within the legal requirements, but also performing them in the best interest of the consumer, and to the highest level of professionalism is at the forefront of The White House, teeth whitening specialists company policy.


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