• How does invisible aligners work?


Invisible aligners are designed to gradually modify your dental arch, ensuring that your teeth align harmoniously to achieve your personalized, straighter smile. Whether your teeth are crowded or have gaps, these aligners will make necessary adjustments, widening the arch for crowded teeth and slightly narrowing it for gaps. Each new set of aligners shifts your teeth by up to 0.2mm, steadily guiding them into their correct positions over the course of your treatment.


  • Curious about its effectiveness for you?


That’s precisely the purpose of our complimentary initial consultation. Once you’ve uploaded your photos and completed our online questionnaire regarding your dental health and aspirations, a dentist will thoroughly examine your case. They will assess if our solution is the right fit for you, and rest assured, this evaluation comes with no obligations. Your results will be accessible within 24 hours, typically on the very same day.


  • Wondering about eligibility?


At-home aligners are a great option for adults aged 18 and older, as long as they enjoy good dental health and wish to enhance their smile by straightening their teeth or closing gaps in a convenient and efficient manner.

However, if you have crowns, veneers, bridges, or implants, the suitability of this solution may differ. To ensure a precise evaluation, please provide comprehensive information during your e-consultation.

To determine your compatibility, seize the opportunity for a complimentary e-consultation today!


  • Can it help with gap closure?


Invisible aligners provide an effective and subtle solution for closing gaps between teeth.


  • Is a prior dental visit necessary?


No, there’s no need for in-person dental visits during your treatment since the process is managed remotely. However, it’s advised that you’ve had a dental checkup with your regular dentist within the last 6 to 12 months to ensure your dental health. Additionally, you have the choice to share your latest dental records, such as x-rays and gum scores, with your assigned orthodontist. These records will be factored into the development of your personalized treatment plan.


  • Do you include retainers after the treatment?


Absolutely! As a part of our service, you will receive a no-cost set of removable retainers, valued at €360, to ensure your teeth maintain their newly straightened position. If you opt for a fixed retainer after your treatment, we suggest visiting your local dentist for this option.


  • What if IPR is necessary, and what are the associated costs and procedures? 


It’s important to note that our case planning is typically designed to avoid the need for IPR. So, if your case is accepted after your free e-consultation, you can be assured that IPR won’t be a requirement.


  • Is it effective even without the use of tooth attachments or dots?


To clarify, attachments are commonly employed in dental cases that receive in-office supervision, especially when more intricate tooth adjustments like moving teeth downward or making extreme rotations are needed.

Our at-home cosmetic teeth straightening method primarily relies on expanding the dental arch to achieve tooth movement. If your e-consultation confirms your suitability, you can be assured that you won’t require attachments to attain your desired smile transformation.


  • What’s the timeline for treatment, and how do we kick things off?


The duration of your treatment is influenced by the initial position of your teeth and your smile goals. On average, our method takes 5 to 9 months, and you’ll begin noticing results in as little as 90 days. The starting process is contingent on your responsiveness and how quickly you complete your impressions. Generally, you can expect to receive your 3D video simulation and treatment plan in as little as a month. Following your e-consultation, your first set of aligners will be ready for you in 4 to 6 weeks. This process is not only expedited but also significantly more hassle-free compared to traditional approaches.


  • What material constitutes the aligners?


The aligners are expertly manufactured from a top-tier, medically graded, BPA-free, recyclable plastic material sourced from the UK. This choice of material is driven by its outstanding clarity and remarkable stain resistance. Furthermore, every aligner is individually hand-finished to ensure a level of comfort that stands above the rest.


  • Where are the aligners made?


We create and produce your aligners in our partner lab in the UK, and they are shipped directly to you. This unique approach allows us to offer you the best in quality and affordability. With complete control over production and quality assurance, we deliver a top-tier, professional experience and the finest quality aligners available, all while saving you a significant amount of money.