Information for COVID-19

At The White House, the health and safety of our customers, our staff and our communities have always been at the centre of everything we do, and this is particularly important during these challenging times. Cross infection control has always been paramount to The White House and we have always followed guidelines for best practice of infection control which is executed to an extremely high standard.
Our clinics and treatment rooms are set up in a clinical environment and although our treatment is cosmetic and non-invasive, we always use PPE such as masks, gloves, and protective eyewear.

The White House only employs fully qualified dental professionals who are extensively trained to operate in a clinical environment. Many of our dental professionals have a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery or are trained and qualified dental nurses. With a medical background, we are fully trained in patient health and welfare regarding procedures for sterilisation, cross infection control and the correct use of our equipment.

The White House clinic orders sterilisation products from the reputable dental supplier, Henry Schein, and as long as we can continue to have access to our PPE and sterilisation we can continue to operate.


The White House standard procedures for cross infection control can be seen here, however, The White House has put in place new additional guidelines in line with the global plans by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC). The Government has published Ireland’s National Action Plan in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (pdf).

These procedures include:

  • All customers will be asked to complete an online treatment consent form and COVID-19 declaration prior to attending for your appointment. 
  • You will be asked not to attend if you have had any symptoms of COVID-19. If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you need to stay indoors and completely avoid contact with other people to avoid passing on the virus. Contact your GP by phone and please do not attend your appointment. You will need to self-isolate and we ask you to please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks if you have symptoms of coronavirus


We would like to reiterate that The White House follows strict infection control policies and best practices at all times and we hope that you can continue to support local businesses through this challenging time.

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