How it Works

  • How it Works: 


You can achieve your dream smile with only 8 steps:


1) Online Consultation: Visit our official website at  for a free online consultation.


2) Upload Photos and Answer Questions: Follow the instructions to upload photos of your teeth and complete a brief dental health questionnaire.


3) Free 3D Scan: book a 3D scan at The White House Clinic in Brown Thomas, leaving behind the outdated and uncomfortable traditional method of taking moulds. This scan only takes about 15 minutes and once this is completed we can show you your full complete 3D scan and a draft animation of what your teeth would look like after the clear aligners treatment free of charge, This will give you an idea of what the clear aligner treatment can achieve.  To book the 3D scan click this booking link


4) Purchase your Personalised Dentist-approved Smile Plan:  If you want to get a full dentist-approved 3D smile simulation with a detailed teeth straightening plan you can purchase this for €250 which is taken off the full price of the treatment if you go ahead with it later.  This plan includes your 3D simulation, information about your expected results, treatment duration, and diagnosis. If you are not suitable we can refund this payment. To purchase the treatment plan please click here


5) Order your Aligners: To move forward, you can order your clear braces. We’ll promptly send your complete set of aligners to your chosen address.


6) Start Wearing Your Aligners: You can begin wearing your aligners while our dedicated clinical team closely monitors your progress through a secure account.


Achieve Your Goals: Expect to achieve your desired results in an average treatment time of 6-7 months, though individual outcomes can vary based on your unique circumstances.


7) Retainers for Maintenance: Once your final results are completed, you’ll receive a complimentary set of removable retainers to help maintain your newly aligned teeth.


8) Home Teeth Whitening and Maintenance Kit: Receive a teeth whitening maintenance kit so you can continue shining with your new smile.