At the White House we employ only the safest and most clinically advanced laser technology. All of our operating equipment complies with CE, FDA and ISO9001 certification. The Beyond Polus our premier whitening laser is certified as the safest whitening treatment and machine on the international Dental and cosmetic market.

The Polus at the White House uses a cold blue light filtration system. The laser is micro filtered through optical fibers which effectively combats and removes all heat, Ultra- Violet (UV) and Infa-Red (IR) rays.

The White House ensures all of our operating equipment is vigorously tested and entered through numerous clinical studies to be both safe and effective. Studies have included efficacy rates, enamel micro hardness, post-treatment hypersensitivity, and effect on the tooth and tooth pulp.

This revolutionary product is a peroxide, chlorine dioxide and bleach free teeth whitening system. The gel was developed in the USA and is being used in both the Beauty and Dental industries throughout Europe achieving exceptional results. The whitening gel has been safety assessed and clinically tested and is fully compliant with EU Health & Safety Regulations. It has ISO 9000, ensuring only the highest quality and safety. Full toxicology and data safety reports available on request.

In conjunction with the Polus and whitening accelerator around five to six hundred harmful bacteria are removed from the mouth. The whitening gel is also designed to remove excess build ups of plaque, and strengthen the teeth while whitening

To continue to meet and exceed industry expectation, The White House makes sure all the equipment and gels used for every treatment is continually developed and tested by the manufacturer and outside bodies to meet and surpass ISO related technical files, and determine appropriate areas for improvement.

The Beyond Polus has been awarded ‘Best Whitening System for 2010/2011’ by Dental Advisor as well as receiving the Editor’s Choice award. Dental Product Shopper has named it as their ‘Product of The Year’ and Dental has given it a full five stars for safety and whitening.

All of our employees at the White House are trained to the highest standard of care and compliance. The White House employs fully qualified,  insured and experienced dental professionals.

If you have a further question in regard to safety please feel free to email your enquiry to or alternatively speak to one of our technicians who would be happy to help with your query on  01 8904613.


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