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The White House teeth whitening laser

Professional laser Teeth whitening is an easy fast and non-invasive cosmetic treatment producing immediate results.
The whitening gel is used in conjunction with the  Advanced laser light accelerator to remove stains that have built up over years, in just 45 minutes!

Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening has been proven to have no long term negative effects on the enamel,  dentine of teeth or the gums. Click here to see more about the safety of our teeth whitening technology



The whitening gel is specially formulated to improve the aesthetic of the tooth

It is important to understand that the enamel on the outside of the tooth is actually transparent and is porous.
Stains that build up on top of the enamel, around cracks, caps or fillings or between the teeth are called extrinsic stains – Extrinsic stains can be removed with a scale and polish at the dentist.

laser teeth whitening chair

Teeth whitening chair at the white house

Under the transparent enamel is the dentine, over years,  molecules of dark staining food, drinks or cigarettes penetrate through the enamel staining the dentine.
It’s actually the dentine gives the tooth it’s colour generally leaving them discoloured or yellow looking, depending on eating and drinking habits – The Beyond tooth whitening system actually removes both types of stains.

This is done by placing the whitening gel on the teeth and exposing it to the specifically tuned frequency of cold filtered blue light which turns the whitening gel into oxygen.
As this happens it allows the whitening gel to penetrate under the enamel to remove the stains from the dentine of the tooth.
This restores the teeth back to their natural whiteness leaving them looking healthy, bright and naturally white.
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