Arnotts Staff Teeth Whitening – Live Booking page

The White House, Teeth Whitening clinics are Ireland and the UK’s premier teeth whitening specialists and have recently opened a brand new clinic in Arnotts. We offer a tailor designed smile to remove years of staining and whiten your teeth to a natural white aesthetic. Book today and meet our friendly staff Carol and Inesa who will make your smile great again!


Starting in Dublin our first clinic in Swords opened in 2008. We then moved towards Dundrum,  where we opened in 2009 then added teeth whitening clinics country-wide in  Galway, Cork, and then opened in Belfast, in 2010. The White House expanded further into the UK and opened teeth whitening and facial aestectics clinics in  Edinburgh city and recently opened in Trafford Park Manchester. Since our opening we have maintained and improved the standards through consistent staff training and innovation bringing superior quality and value. The White House is the industry standard for laser tooth whitening in Ireland and have been awarded the Dental Advisor’s Top whitening system for the last 6 years in a row!

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