January 10, 2012

How to Take a Great Smile Photo

One of the most popular classic subjects for photography –whether professional or amateur– is a smiling portrait, and at some point, most people will either be inspired to capture someone smiling or be asked to take a snapshot focused on grins. Though a great smile photo might seem simple enough to create, there are a few considerations that can help make any smile picture look as good as possible. Through understanding what makes a superior smile photo rise above the rest, both photographers and subjects can master this popular theme and achieve pictures destined to be cherished for generations.

An important aspect of any great smile photo is its authenticity; while silly candid photos of outrageous or dramatic grins may be entertaining, a truly fantastic smile photo should capture the subject’s genuine, natural smile. When a subject’s smile looks forced or overly posed, it can fail to convey the depth of character and meaning that a genuine grin can produce. Being patient during a photography session and waiting to capture a real, unabashed, joyful smile can pay off with results that instantly connect a photo’s viewers with the subject and their mood.

The atmosphere of a smile photo is also an important factor. In some cases, elements such as tone, lighting, backgrounds, and any foreground objects may contrast with the subject’s mood for added effect, or these elements may echo the happiness of the smile depicted. Thinking about how the picture will work as a whole in relation to the focal point of a smile can yield photographs that transcend basic, boring snapshots to become multi-layered, interesting works of art. One of the best atmospheres with which to work is one that helps the subject feel comfortable and open to showing off their best grin. Whether it’s a favorite location in town, surrounded by comforting objects, or in the company of a great friend or loved one, the right atmosphere can help produce smiles worth remembering.

Today’s widespread availability of digital cameras means it’s easy to take multiple snapshots until the ideal picture is achieved. Photographers and subjects alike should feel comfortable producing a considerable number of photos, as selecting one or a few from a large set can be far more convenient and satisfying than depending on a single attempt to produce a perfect result. Through experimenting with different angles, lighting set-ups, and other aspects, picture-takers can find the right combination of elements to work together and form the ideal picture.

Of course, a great smile photograph also requires a great smile. A confident and open grin can be easily and quickly enhanced with the help of a modern teeth whitening treatment. From monumental portraits taken during a wedding or on other important days to simple family pictures or profile snapshots, a smile photograph can leave a long-term impression on viewers, and showing off perfectly white, stain-free teeth is a great way to ensure that impression is as positive as possible.

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