February 10, 2023

Smile confidently!


Andrew’s initial shade was 3L1.5 and he finished the treatment with a shade of 1M2, which is an 8-color shade improvement.

Before we started the treatment, we had a quick chat with Andrew and asked him a few questions:

Q: Andrew, can you tell us what are your expectations for the teeth whitening treatment?
A: “I would like to feel a bit more confident when I smile. I don’t think my teeth are that bad, but I’m still self-conscious about them being yellower than I would want them to be.”

Q: Are you nervous? Do you have any concerns?
A: “I was a little bit nervous but I read on your website that this treatment won’t cause any sensitivity so that is reassuring. I was also worried about the treatment affecting my enamel, but after I read through your FAQs I felt more at ease knowing that that won’t be an issue. So, at the moment, I have no other concerns, I’m just looking forward to seeing the end result”

After the treatment, we asked Andrew one last question:

Q: How do you feel about your results and your experience with us?
A: “It was painless and it felt like time passed by super quickly. I like the fact that we can watch TV or listen to music whilst having the treatment done and I appreciate that the Dental Professional was always checking in on me throughout the whole process to make sure that everything was ok.
In regards to the results, as I said, I’d never whitened my teeth before, but my girlfriend insisted that I would give it a try. I’ve always thought that my teeth were too yellow in pictures, so I am very pleased with the instant dramatic change from the whitening treatment.”

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