August 5, 2014

The need for teeth whitening – why go for whiter teeth?

Though one may think of it as a mere fad, teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures that is growing in popularity in Ireland these days. Originating in USA, it was brought to Ireland from the United States and it’s safe to say it’s a treatment that is here to stay at this stage.

Why has dental whitening gained a following in Ireland?

We all know the old adage that no matter how plain looking a person may be, he or she becomes beautiful when he or she smiles. A bright smile makes a person appear pleasant and attractive, and a lot of positive personal traits are associated with radiant smiles. Smiles also convey happiness and are by nature infectious.

But not all people are capable of smiling openly with the lips parted to display teeth. Most of these people hesitate to do so because of the condition of their teeth. They may be crooked, missing, protruding or discoloured.

It is possible that people with discoloured teeth or those that are experiencing any other problems with their teeth may become reserved and held back by their dental problems. Because of their hesitation to smile with an open mouth, these people with discoloured teeth may give off the wrong impression.

Teeth whitening can boost a person’s confidence

A person with discoloured teeth – or any other dental problems – can turn to his or her dentist for help. Teeth whitening is seen as a viable and safe solution that a person can have to improve the quality of his or her smile.

As a result, the person who has benefited from dental whitening will be able to smile more freely, with shiny teeth displayed between parted lips.

Teeth whitening can help improve one’s career

Having confidence in one’s self is important if a person wants to succeed in his or her chosen career. Being perceived as a competent as well as a pleasant person to deal with can help a career person win more clients and gain the respect of peers, if not superiors. Being able to smile with shining white teeth helps a lot in doing so.

Teeth whitening may be seen as a purely cosmetic dental procedure by most people, as it doesn’t have any medical or health benefits. But dental whitening does have benefits to the psyche, and it is just as important to one’s health.

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