March 10, 2023

Dr Grissel, Teeth Whitening specialist at Brown Thomas Dublin

Meet Dr. Grissel: Your Go-To Teeth Whitening Specialist at The White House Clinic in Brown Thomas Dublin

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our very own Dr. Grissel, who has been transforming smiles at The White House clinic for 3 years. As an experienced dental professional, Dr. Grissel is passionate about helping her patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Join us for a quick Q&A session with Dr. Grissel from The White House Teeth Whitening clinic.

Q: How do you recommend patients prepare for a teeth whitening treatment, and what can they expect during the procedure?

A: “In general, teeth whitening doesn’t need much preparation. If you haven’t had a cleaning done in the past 6 months, I always recommend booking an appointment with your own Hygienist to have it done, this way you can see much better results as all the calculus and plaque will be removed from the dental surface.

The treatment is quite simple and pleasant. The dental professional will start with a small consultation to measure and record the color shade of your teeth before the whitening treatment and explain the whole process. We’ll start by isolating the patient’s mouth with a cheek retractor and a pretreatment will be placed on their teeth, which helps the teeth receive the whitening gel and speeds up the process. Finally, the gel that will be activated by the laser will be placed and the whitening process begins.

The procedure lasts 45 min, split into 3 sessions of 15 min. Upon completion, the patient will see the results immediately.

To maintain the whitening results, I always recommend the option that best suits each patient, whether it is using the teeth whitening home kit in the comfort of their home, or coming back to us for a quick 20-minute Top-up. Also, I always recommend the use of our Silver Particle whitening toothpaste, which in addition to maintaining the whitening results, helps with sensitivity by remineralizing tooth enamel”.

Q: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in teeth whitening, and how does that knowledge influence the services you offer at The White House?

A:To keep up to date with all dental developments, I like to go to conferences, seminars and read dental magazines and articles. Sometimes we think that after finishing a degree we’re done with studying, but the truth is that we never are; the world evolves at great speed, generating techniques, materials, and technology that help us provide a better quality of treatment to our patients being minimally invasive.

At The White House, I like to link all the knowledge I have learned to provide the best service to my patients, not only about Dentistry but life in general. Teeth whitening goes beyond just whitening teeth; it involves recovering the sense of self-esteem and happiness for many people. Seeing my patients smiling in the mirror is what makes me truly happy.”

Q: What is your favourite thing about working for The White House as a Teeth Whitening Specialist?

A: “For me, going to the clinic every day is more like a hobby than a job. I love being at the service of my patients, helping them to have a better quality of life. Patients leave the clinic smiling and the energy is contagious. We create a better world with happy people, and having an impact on that happiness makes me feel at peace. Also, our team is not only highly professional but very supportive, making me feel at home”.

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