May 6, 2014

Five foods/drinks to avoid for whiter teeth

We all like the nice things in life. We like going for coffees with work colleagues after a tough day at the office, enjoying vodkas and cokes with friends at the weekend or maybe indulging in sweet things at the weekend. While these are all thoroughly enjoyable, they’re not good for our teeth. More specifically, they’re not good for keeping our teeth white.

Recently we wrote a post on foods that are good for your teeth, but in this post, we’re focusing on foods that you should avoid to keep those pearly whites…white.

1. Blueberries

Yes that’s right – those little blue balls of delight that make a muffin far more enticing, transform a mediocre cake into an outrageously tasty one, or act as a damn good snack on their own don’t do you any favours when it comes to the colour of your teeth.

2. Coffee

If you’re a one-cup of coffee a day sort of guy/gal this shouldn’t concern you. But if you’re one who craves their coffee fix in the morning and has between two and four other hits throughout the day, then you need to lay off if your teeth are white and you want to keep them that way. All dark-coloured drinks (red wine is another culprit) should be avoided for whiter teeth.

3. Fruit punch

Known for pepping up a party when mixed with a generous helping of vodka, fruit punches are bad for your teeth in many ways. For a start, they may contain citrus fruits like lemons or oranges that are bad for teeth. Secondly, they’re full of sugars, albeit natural ones. Thirdly, they may contain not only traces of blueberries, but other darkly coloured fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

4. Chocolate

We know, we know…’not chocolate!’ But unfortunately yes – chocolate is best avoided if you want to keep your smile as bright as can be. Not only is the sugar bad for enamel and cavities, the cocoa is bad for teeth colour too.

5. Tea

While green and white teas won’t do your white teeth too much harm, black teas (the most popular ones) will. Not as offensive as coffee or red wine, a ‘cup of Rosie Lee’ might be comforting, but it’s doing your teeth harm.

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