Five tips for choosing a toothbrush

Tips for choosing a toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush, most people give little consideration to the type of toothbrush that will be most effective for them. Some people may be loyal to a particular brand while others will be price sensitive. There a number of factors that you should consider when replacing your old toothbrush. Also, as a rule of […]

7 ways to feel good about yourself

One of many ways to feel good about yourself - running

We’ve written before about why people get their teeth whitened. One of them is that it’s one of many ways to feel good about yourself. If somebody smiles when they’re not happy with their teeth, it’s going to make them self-conscious. If, on the other hand, they love their teeth, they’re going to be a […]

7 ways to keep your teeth white

The first thing we notice after seeing our customers get their teeth whitened is the immediate smile on their face. It’s amazing how much happiness a bright smile brings to people. While we want to be able to make your teeth whiter immediately by way of a treatment, we also want you to keep your […]

An introduction to teeth whitening

An introduction to teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that is growing in popularity in Ireland. As its name suggests, it involves a variety of processes performed by dental professionals in order to lighten the colour of a patient’s teeth as well as to remove the stains. The process of tooth whitening is often said to be one […]

The need for teeth whitening – why go for whiter teeth?

Is teeth whitening for you?

Though one may think of it as a mere fad, teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures that is growing in popularity in Ireland these days. Originating in USA, it was brought to Ireland from the United States and it’s safe to say it’s a treatment that is here to stay at this stage. […]

New Galway clinic now open!

Our new Galway clinic

Last week was a particularly exciting week for us all at The White House – we moved to a brand new clinic in Galway! Our new clinic can be found in the Terryland Retail Park on the Headford Road. There, our dental nurse Maggie will be happy to answer any questions you have as well […]

Live chat now available on our site

Step 3 - chat to our customer care team

Innovation is very important to us and we’re always looking to introduce new features to our treatments and website to make sure we offer the best service possible. This is why we’ve just introduced a new ‘Live Chat’ function to our website. To start a live chat conversation with one of the team, here’s what […]

Five foods/drinks to avoid for whiter teeth

Blueberries - they'll brighten up a muffin, but not your smile

We all like the nice things in life. We like going for coffees with work colleagues after a tough day at the office, enjoying vodkas and cokes with friends at the weekend or maybe indulging in sweet things at the weekend. While these are all thoroughly enjoyable, they’re not good for our teeth. More specifically, […]

5 foods that are good for your teeth

    When we think of looking after our teeth, we usually think of brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and going to the dentist for regular check-ups. But it’s the foods that we eat on a daily basis that are pivotal in ensuring you maintain strong, healthy teeth. Here are five foods that are good for […]

We’re donating 10% of treatments to the Marie Keating Foundation

We love to spread good news and love even more to give you something to smile about. That’s why we’re extremely pleased and equally proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the Marie Keating Foundation – between now and the end of 2013 we will be donating 10% of every teeth whitening treatment to […]